Which dental clinic should we select, when we want to have the dental treatment? Which dental clinic has the facilities which enable foreigners to communicate in foreign languages?
Don’t worry to have dental treatment here, because all registered dental practitioners are faithful to the medical service law and sincere.
OSAKA MEDICAL FACILITIES INFORNATION SYSTEM (in either Japanese language or English)
Please show your health insurance card, if you have, at the sign-in desk.
Which dental clinic opens on Sunday?
Most dental clinics close on Sunday, public holiday and an off day. However, you also can look up in the homepage of OSAKA MEDICAL FACILITIES INFORMATION SYSTEM in either Japanese language or English.
City, town and village dental association`s offices also could give the information about dental clinics which are open on Sunday and public holidays.


What is the limit for the Health Insurance?
General dentistry such as treatment of dental caries, periodontal disease, dental prosthesis (denture and Crown & Bridge), removal of dental calculus etc are possibly covered by the insurance
Regarding the treatment fee
Basically in japan, all insurance dentists charge the same fee for treatments under the insurance. However, uninsured dental treatment fee will be charged by the private dental practitioners accordingly.
What should we do in order to get the Health Insurance?
You can make a consultation with a government official of a city, town or village where you stay, and apply for the National Health Insurance.
In order to enroll in the Health Insurance?
In case that your staying period is longer than 3 months and you have registered as a resident, you must take out the National Health Insurance. Please consult an officer of a public office where you stay.
If we have a National Health Insurance card, what is the percentage of the treatment fee which we should pay?
The percentage of the treatment fee for the patient having the Health Insurance card is as follows:
- Infant before starting compulsory education: 20%
- Patient after compulsory education till before 70 years: 30%
- Patient of 70 years up to 75 years: 10% or 30% (for patient whose income is over fixed amount)
- Patient aged 75 years or older: 10% or 30% (for patient whose income is over fixed amount)


If we have no health insurance card but we want to have the tooth check up, I would like to know which dental clinic we should go and how much it costs.
Even if you don’t have the insurance card, you can go to any dental clinic for check-up and treatment. However, you have to pay 100% of the total cost by yourself.
Also, the cost will be different depending on the dental clinic.
In case that a student with incomplete dental treatment comes to a Japanese clinic, how much will the treatment fee cost?
If the student has the Health Insurance card for Scholarship System, treatment fee will be 30% of the total cost. If the student has not been enrolled yet, the person should pay 100% of the total cost by himself or herself.
Which dental treatment is not covered by the Health Insurance?
Esthetic treatment such as whitening and esthetic prosthesis, dental implant and Orthodontics are not covered by the insurance. Preventive dentistry and fluoride application are also not covered by the insurance.
Why is the fee of dental treatment uncovered by the insurance different from clinic to clinic?
Fee of dental treatment uncovered by the Health Insurance is determined by the doctor in charge who makes the diagnosis and treatment plan, which are not exactly same in both the method and cost.
Where should we go for orthodontic treatment which is not completed yet from abroad? Is it possible to continue the orthodontic treatment in Osaka? If the answer is yes, what will be the cost and duration for the treatment?
You can have orthodontic treatment at specialists in orthodontic treatment, dental clinics which adopt orthodontic treatment or university hospitals having orthodontic department.
It is possible to continue to have the orthodontic treatment you were receiving in your country in Osaka. The cost (generally not covered by health insurance) will be largely different depending on your previous treatment course and the dental clinic, and the cost-relating matter could be discussed with the doctor in charge.
In general, you will have to visit your doctor every three to four weeks for at least about two to three years before your treatment finishes. The treatment duration depends on your age and symptoms, and it sometimes will be longer than four to five years.
It would be better if you ask your doctor in charge in your country to make documents about your treatment course in advance.
Please inform us whether dental check-up & removal of calculus are covered by the health insurance ?
Regular check-up and cleaning are not covered by the insurance. It will be charged by the dentist individually, however, before visiting the dentist , you may ask for the information about that.


Is counsultation service available at the Osaka Dental Asociation ?
At present, oral consultation service is not available at the assocition. However, we are now considering it for the future.
What should we do in case that a trouble is caused by a dental treatment ?
If any trouble should occur, you can contact OSAKA DENTAL ASSOCIATION and consult with them. However the service is only in Japanese.


How about a sudden tooth ache at midnight ?
There are midnight emergency dental treatment services at the OSAKA DENTAL ASSOCIATION. However, communication is only in Japanese. The treatment fee is higher than that of day time treatment. Emergency for dental treatment services are available for 9 pm - 3 am ( practicing hours ). If possible, please call before coming.
Telephone number : 06-6774-2600 ( only for night time )

Severe pain, bleeding, swelling, trauma related to dental only can be treated as emergency treatment. From the next day on,
patients have to go back to his own doctor or the doctor in the hospital for follow-up.
Public Holiday Emergency Dental Services
Sunday, Pubic Holiday, New Year and New Year‘s Eve, 10 am-4 pm (registration starts at 9.30 am).
Telephone Number: 06-6772-8886
Sunday, Public Holiday, New Year and New Year‘s Eve, emergency treatments are available.
The following day patient has to go back to his / her dentist for the follow-up.


Without having the National Health Insurance card, will it be possible to have treatment ?
Of course, it is possible, however you have to pay at least 3 times than that of normal cost.
Without appointment can the patient be treated ?
Most dental clinics practise by appoitment, and so, you had better call before visiting the clinic, or please check the homepage of the dental practitioner.